i heart change. and berries.

it’s ok. get angry. i KNOW, you LOVED the bicycle with the daisies. go ahead. scream it out.

:: ho. hum. whistle. whistle. ::

there? better now? great.

now we can all move on and appreciate the new pretty berries on the top of my blog. because let’s be honest, they are SO pretty!

and i appreciate good design too much to just let my site sit in a state of unrest while i spend my hours trying to find a way to make it better, which is what i was doing while the daisies were up.

and if you don’t like this one, well, I’d rather you just not tell me.

i mean, every time someone makes even one slight against my theme choice, the comment lingers in my stupid brain FOREVER until i find a way to either fix it, or change it.

and i’d just rather not deal with that kind of stress right now. ok?

already, this obsession has led me to become somewhat brazen lately as i fiddle with the html code of the theme. I know, risky right? one false move and BAM!, my whole site could come crashing down around me.

but seeing as how im pickier than a five year old harboring a fascination of buggers, i can’t just sit back and fantasize about how much cooler my blog COULD be if only I made a few small tweaks.

so i’ve been winging it and altering things such as the search tab (which originally was over the picture on top) and the width of things.

but it’s after mid-night, and i haven’t slept much the last couple days, so I need to slowly pull myself away from the laptop and get some freaking sleep.

I’ll probably play with it some more tomorrow though, so don’t get all comfy with the way it is now.

dream sweet.

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spare changes

so i re-designed my blog. the theme is “ligneous.”

i like the white. and the black. and the pink. and the strong font.

and i wanted a change. darn it. i wanted to have something new to look at. something that screamed NEW. DIFFERENT. NOT THE SAME.

hope you don’t hate it.

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