talking to myself about social media.

first of all, although i like a great many of your facebook status updates, i will no longer be clicking the “like” button below them to indicate this.

Let’s talk about facebook, why the heck is their e-mail system stuck in 1987? i’ve read it before in other places, but it bears repeating: FACEBOOK, I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO FORWARD MY MESSAGES. (for free of course). that is all.

moving on. im about to hit 1,000 posts on twitter. yay me! (ish). not quite sure if that’s a celebratory thing or what, because technically i could have just been sitting here tweeting about my nail polish choices 1,000 times in a row. but i obviously did NOT do that. so, ya. like i said, ya me!

also, what do you think my 1,000 tweet should be? maybe i should go all deep, like “one small tweet for me, one giant twitter for mankind.” or maybe more on the funny side, like “tweet. tweet. who’s there? banana. banana who?”

guess you’ll just have to visit my twitter to find out!!

speaking of the internet, i really, really like my new blog design. i’ve gotten some mixed feedback, but i’m so in love with the watercolor flowers, the notebook paper and the paragraph spacing that i don’t even care.

and while we’re on the topics of blogs, my hero, Heather B. Armstrong just wrote the final post of her three-part labor story and even though pretty much all of her posts rock, this was especially amazing. you should go read about how she brought life into the world.

part 1.

part 2.

part 3.

thank me later. 🙂

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  1. You are right! A personal blog has been created to make it possible that you don’t need to “suffer” in silence. I’ll remember that. If you were silent, it would really be a boring blog!

  2. after counting back (as of the time of this comment) 718 twitters to find your 1,000th tweet i read through the 3-part labor story on Heather B. Armstrong’s blog. After reading all of it i want to say something profound, expressing how her unique perspective has completely changed my entire way of thinking in how precious and spiritual it is to bring life into this world. How i laughed at the commentary of preparing for the arrival of her new daughter to admitting to the tears forming in my eyes when Heather’s horrible labor pains were overcome for a brief time by the bonding love she has with her husband. How i myself rooted and cheered while on the edge of my seat as her assistant Katie so bravely goes through her own natural birth.

    I would like to express how i was touched, moved and inspired by all of her experiences and the new, deep respect i have for what women go through during the miracle of life. But really, after reading all what i did, my only thought right now is; “TMI, dude! tmi…”

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