The Bride’s Just in Case Box poem

Editor’s Note: My very best friend April got married this past weekend and I was the maid of honor. The morning of the wedding I gave her a survival kit of sorts that included a bunch of stuff she might need during the day. I also wrote this poem to go with the box:

Dear April,

Here is a Just In Case box made especially for you.
I’m hoping it will help get you through the “I do’s”

It has random things that I think you might need
Like a couple of band-aids just in case you ever bleed.

As far as First Aid goes, there’s also some pills.
But don’t get too excited, because they’re just basic Advil.

And, even though your hair will be perfectly set,
You will also find bobby pins and hairspray so you don’t have to fret.

In addition, I included some hand sanitizer gel.
So you can make it to the honeymoon feeling quite well.

In case you start crying there’s plenty of tissue
And safety pins too, so your garter belt won’t be an issue.

And don’t worry about your dress, not even one bit
Because there’s plenty to fix it in the Singer sewing kit.

Plus even if you spill some red wine on your veil,
There’s a Tide to-go mini that will help you prevail.

I also got you some contact solution
So that if you scratch your eye, there is no confusion.

And there’s Chaptsick to help you maintain sexy lips
As well as deordarnt, so you can have sexy pits.

But what would a Just in Case box be without food?
Handing you one without that would be rude.

There’s a Godiva chocolate bar, some trail mix and gum.
And there’s even some mints so you can give Shannon some tongue.

Lest that’s not enough, there’s some Crest mouthwash as well.
And I won’t even ask you to kiss and then tell.

And last but not least is one thing that’s for Shannon too
It’s Ky Warming Jelly for the second you’re both out of view.

I pray that you both will be blessed to end.
And that you’re always know you’re my very best friend.


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