the hannah montana movie kinda inspired me

it’s not like i didn’t want to see it. i did. i mean have you SEEN the previews? it’s just that going with my nine year-old-sister does provide a nice alibi for when the cool kids ask why i was at the hannah montana movie.

the thing you have to understand is that i am still a nine-year-old girl inside. boys are a puzzle, i hate cleaning my room and with the right training mixed with a little luck i really believe ‘i might even be a rock star.’

so, seeing as how i haven’t mentally left fourth grade, well, i thought the movie ROCKED!

there was singing. there was laughing. and there was a brand, spanking, new dance that made me want to “countrify it” AND “hip hop it” despte the fact that the two typically contradict each other. alas, disney magic made them ONE. sigh. seriously. is there anything disney magic can’t do?

the thing that’s awesome about being a young girl – the thing that i miss most – is all the possibility that surrounds the age (also, the ability to say the word “like” in every sentence without judgement). I mean, if you’d have asked me what i was going to be “when i grew up” at my eighth-grade graduation, i would have earnestly answered “anything i want to be.”

and i would have meant it.

president? sure.

lawyer? why not?

famous soap opera actor? ya. if i feel like it.

and that’s the fantasy that hannah montana signs, seals and delivers: possibility.

but now. years later. the crushing weight of life has fallen on my head from the sky. and although there are possibilities, i feel like they’ve greatly dwindled.

and it sucks.

so sometimes i need someone like hannah montana to come along and remind me that dreams are worth dreaming, and that goals can be achieved. and just the same, i need my little sister sitting to my right looking up at me full of possibility. to remind me i can still be anything i want to be. i can still do anything i want to do, seeing as how its the same advice i shove down her young throat every chance i get, and what kind of sister would i be if i didn’t practice what i preach?

I need them to remind me that “there’s always going to be another mountain” and “I’m always going to want to make it move” and “The struggles I’m facing, The chances I’m taking, Sometimes they knock me down, but No I’m not breaking.”

funny, it took couple young girls and a little disney magic to come along and remind me about “possibility.”

thank god for that.

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  1. So this Hannah girl is the daughter of Billy Ray Montana?

    That dance video is like 18 minutes into playing Simon. You know that game Simon, the electronic lights and sound memory game?

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