things I’d do with money.

I’m 2,469 miles over due for an oil change.

My car mirror is being held on with packaging tape.

None of my clothes (bras) fit. I don’t even care that you think it’s annoying that the girl who lost weight is complaining about clothes not fitting because I’ll tell you what’s really annoying – MY CLOTHES NOT FITTING!

My blonde hair looks half brown and those roots aren’t just going to just dye themselves.

The insoles of my gym shoes are half gone. And I still walk four miles a day in them.

I’ve got $148 left to pay off on my gall bladder surgery.

My weekly tithe has dropped to an embarrassing $15 a week.

I’ve been wearing my two-week contacts for the last seven-to-ten weeks.

– “How to become a millionaire. Step 1: Get a million dollars.”

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  1. When I lost weight I went to the awesome Thrift Store in Gurnee and I bought 7 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, and a skirt for $50. It took a long time though because I had to go through everything but it was worth it.

  2. you should have the next boy you go on a date with just take you out for an oil change. Actually, that’s a pretty good idea i’m going to make a note of that. kind of romantic, right?

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