this is america. shouldn’t i get to drive for free?

ok. ok. I GET it. I move. a lot. and sure, my licence plates are from South Dakota and my driver’s license is from Iowa and my cell phone number is from the Chicago suburbs and I kind of live in Wisconsin. but NONE of those things have actually expired, so i don’t want to get them replaced.

And, yes three months ago, someone DID tell me that I needed to get wisconsin plates and a wisconsin driver’s licence within two weeks of living here — but I think that’s probably just a myth. I mean it’s not like I’ve been pulled over for my South Dakota plates (which, by the way WERE voted the best in the country in 2007!).

AND when I showed the Illinois cop my iowa licence and my south dakota registration after the ONE accident I’ve been in since moving to Wisconsin, he didn’t seem to care that so many states we’re involved. and I just DON’T WANT to spend the $38 America’s Dairyland charges for a state driver’s licence, much less the $78 I’ll have to spend on plates. and to be honest, i also don’t really want to have to explain to the dmv workers why i have an iowa licence, even though I haven’t lived there in more than a year.

and i WOULD just go on living with all these various UNEXPIRED forms of identification, but NO, my stupid credit union wants me to get a Wisconsin Driver’s licence and I keep telling the nice tellers at my stupid credit union that i’ll get a wisconsin licence NEXT week, but it’s been like a month now, so I’m not sure if they’re buying it at this point. and the thing it, I really am just waiting until i have an extra $38 to spend on a stupid Wisconsin driver’s licence, but seeing as how my take-home pay is about $6, it’s kind of taking me awhile to save up.

So, now I’m in this weird situation where I’m scared to withdraw money from my credit union (not to brag but my account DOES have $22 in available balance in it) because even if convince the women there to let me withdraw my entire available balance with my iowa licence i STILL wouldn’t have enough for a (stupid) wisconsin licence.

and I really don’t understand what the big deal is, seeing as how I proved to my credit union that I live in the area they serve by showing them my lease like three months ago. 

in conclusion, if anyone has either a. tips on withdrawing money without a licence or b. about $38, feel free to let me know.  

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  1. Since when do you have a local banker? You never had a local bank when you lived here in Pierre. (BTW as you can see, I’m bored at work cuz this is like the third comment I’ve made on your site.)

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