Tuesday I get a little sideways

Right now, I’m spending all my time working out, planning youth group and going to my real job.

All told, that equals about 27 hours a day.

I day dream about olive garden breadsticks while weighing myself everyday twice a day five times a day to stay on track. And then I walk at least 3 miles.

While not drooling over taco bell commercials, I go through things I need to do for church. Did I facebook stalk the students who didn’t come Sunday? Check. Did I figure out a game that adequately brings up spiritual gifts? Sort of. Did I nail down how many kids are coming to the November concert? Not even close.

In the middle of all that I check my work e-mail about 37 times. An hour. I also obsessively check news site to see if I missed anything I should have covered and to make sure none of the Bears’ players randomly injured themselves mid-week.

I know, I know. My life is so exciting that you totally wish you were me right now.

It’s cool. So does the dog.

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  1. i don’t wish i were you, because i like being a boy BUT i do wish i were a little closer sometimes so i could ^5 you for all of the cool stuff you do. That’s like 12-15 ^5s a day!

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