Why my boyfriend is super awesome

Title: Why My Boyfriend is Super Awesome.
By: Crystal Lindell

So ya, I have a super awesome boyfriend.

First of all, he’s really cute. I especially like when he wears his black button-up shirt and jeans, but he also looks equally attractive when wearing a hoodie, or a Bulls sweatshirt.

Second of all, even though he doesn’t quite like Taco Bell as much as I do, he does like it lot and I can’t really blame him seeing as how nobody in the world likes Taco Bell as much as I do.

Third of all, when I tell him I got a new exciting¬†jewelry¬†organizer on Amazon.com and that it totally changed my life because it freed my bathroom of clutter and helped me find long-lost earrings, and then I post a picture of said jewelry organizer on Facebook, he goes on Facebook and writes “Wow” in the comment section because he knows it will make me smile a lot.

Ya. He’s pretty great.

We’ve been dating for a little while now and stuff. And he makes me laugh whenever he brings up any of the 1,000 inside jokes we share. Also, he calls me every morning to say good morning and every single night before I go to sleep he tells me, “Sleep like an angel.”

I mean, ya, sometimes we argue or whatever, but we always talk it out and move on in like three seconds. It’s the talking it out that I truly love. Nothing lingers. Everything gets said. And sometimes, when I do that girl thing where I’m silent, but in my head I’m all, “He better ask me what’s wrong or I’m going to drive over and punch him,” and then he says, “What’s wrong?” and then I say, “Nothing,” he always knows something is actually wrong and then he makes me tell him and I love that.

He give great hugs. He plays Words with Friends really well, and even scored 536 points once. Also, he’s awesome at predicting which team will win football games. In fact, he’s so awesome at it that one time he won like $3,500 from a national contest for who could pick the most NFL games correctly during the season. He beat like 1 million other people to win that contest. True story.

He takes me to baseball games, and musicals, and lots and lots of movies.

He tells me I’m pretty, and that I’m beautiful, and he even says those things when I have no make-up on and I haven’t washed my hair in 48 hours and I’m on a mission trip.

Oh! And, of course, he’s a Christian. Duh. He goes to church every Sunday, and he prays before every single meal and when he got me a Pandora bracelet for Christmas he got me a Bible charm because he knows how important God is in my life.

He gets excited when I succeed. He laughs whenever I make a joke. And he always knows when to bring me flowers.

So in conclusion, I have a super awesome boyfriend. How lucky am I?

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