I don’t really have anything new or creative to say about this video game system that hasn’t already been said, but I don’t care because IT IS SO FREAKING FUN. and my friends are WAY cooler than your friends because they totally let me come over and play with their wii!!! (which, now that i write this sounds kind of dirty, but it isn’t at all).

It’s like nintendo on meth. you get to hold the controller and move it around and it magically knows that you, say, hit a baseball, threw a bowling ball or even put grandma’s dentures in (really, that was one of the games). And I got to box. which was fun because I totally beat a boy. and when I say “box” I mean he and i got up and threw some punches at each other, and I totally got more punches in than him and i totally won.

and, my friends also are cooler than your friends because they made sushi. that’s right. in oshkosh, wisconsin i ate sushi. and all you people out there saying “WAIT YOU’RE A VEGETARIAN!” don’t you fret, because my friends are SO cool that they made vegetarian sushi. and i was freaking scared to eat it (mostly because it was wrapped in seaweed) — but it was actually (kind of) good. don’t get me wrong, I washed everything down with a nice american coke-a-cola so I didn’t feel too cultured, but overall it was some good eats.  

In conclusion, if you want me to be your friend all you have to do is let me play with your Wii and make me sushi (I think that sounds pretty low maintenance if i do say so myself).    

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  1. You rocked the wii – it was awesome to meet you. I am sure that I will see you soon considering that we work at the same establishment…cool newspaper person.

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