WWF (No, not THAT F)

I’m biologically addicted to Words With Friends. I play it first thing in the morning, before I even pee.

Oh heck. I even play it WHILE I pee.

Shut up. You do it to.

I also play when I eat, I play when I should be studying the Bible, I play right before I go to bed, and then I dream in letter tiles.




Triple word score.


It’s so fun.

For those who do not have a Facebook and/or smartphone IV connected to their arms, the game basically is Scrabble for the future. You can play people you know or random strangers, and you each take turns spelling words for points. The games can last days depending on whether or not your WWF playing schedules mesh up and whether or not you want to take some time to figure out exactly how to play your Z on a triple word score.

I love you triple word score.

Today, WWF told me I’ve officially won 10 games.

The secret is two letter words people. Ha. Jo. Za. Qi. Those are words that win games.

Also, I want to take this moment to express a disclaimer: Just because I’m a “writer” doesn’t mean I have some sort of supernatural spelling skills. Writing, and spelling are VERY different talents. Writing is comprehensive, where as spelling is memorization. True story: I got a D in spelling fourth grade and the teacher said it was only because she liked me and didn’t want me to fail. So if everyone could stop telling the whole world how awesome they are every time you beat the journalist, that’d be awesome.

And anyway, I’m totally getting better at this game everyday, so I’ll probably crush you next round. Just sayin’

Just don’t get too anxious when I don’t play a word right away. I’ve got 15 games going and girl’s gotta shower at least once a day.

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