you’d think i’d like a holiday centered on chocolate

i remember Feb. 14, 1993 vividly. i wore pink tights and a red shirt and a red sweater and a pink plaid skirt and because it was valentine’s day — it totally matched. i remember it was a sunday. i remember thinking i NEEDED tradition and sans a school party (with its mass-produced perforated cards and cheap red suckers) the clothes were the best i could to. i remember going to the Addison Public Library and thinking wishing i looked totally AWESOME in my outfit as i browsed the young adult paperback book rack. i remember knowing (in my valentine’s day appropriate heart of hearts) that my outfit totally didn’t match. i remember wishing it were a school day so i could give SOMEONE a freaking mass-produced perforated card.

i think it was the first valentine’s day that didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

valentine’s day eve 2008: i’m about to go to sleep in my white pajama pants, with red and pink stripes and a red tank top, because it’s a holiday and i NEED tradition. and YES, we got a mass-produced perforated card at our company pep rally today ( i know i thought we left the pep rallies in high school too), but the company love just felt so one-dimensional. i need more. 

and yes, i do sort of kind of like this one boy, but our relationship would be classified as ‘it’s complicated’ on facebook, if i was the kind of girl who updated that sort of thing. so it’s not like he and i will be getting married any time soon. despite that, this boy and i WERE supposed to see each other tomorrow (on this stupid holiday) but because Snow hates me, Snow ruined our plans.

and he (the boy, not my mortal enemy Snow) even got me a card (from what i understand it wasn’t even perforated) and i REALLY wanted to read it in person, but instead i had to settle for him reading it to me over a bad connection between my verizon phone and his u.s. cellular field phone.

so this year it looks like i’ll be spending this stupid holiday with Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap( and if i feel like donating $38 to our state highways) the Wisconsin DMV.

it’s cool. whatever. i’ll probably just wear pink or something.

UPDATE: for the two of you who might notice, I’m not sure why this is posting in times new roman font, but im tired, so i’ll address it in the morning. if any of you wordpress* know-it-alls (meant in a good way) can tell me how to change that, let me know. * fixed it. 

*note: wordpress spell check doesn’t recognize wordpress. and it’s not a capitalization issue. i checked.

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  1. I hate to tell you this (OK, maybe I do derive some sick pleaure, seeing as I don’t mind blizzards and am actually excited when it snows because it usually means temps are above subzero) but we’re supposed to get another! snow! storm!


    Hunker down 🙂

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