That feeling

So you know that feeling you get when you have love-bugs in your head, and every love song ever written ever is about you and your life and your love, and you’re just plain smitten, and all the clouds make heart shapes, and you smile all day long even when the world tries to throw crap at you, and you think about that one kiss that one time while you drive home, and you’re just happy because you like a boy and he likes you back?

Ya. Me too.

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Frick. A stupid cute guy has convinced me to play a stupid game on Facebook.

D*mn him.

He looked up at me with the cutest coca brown eyes you never saw and said “You’ve got to be my neighbor on Social City!” and because he’s so freaking cute, I said yes.

I have officially become one of those Facebook friends I meticulously block. The ones with constant updates about how they just go the next level and became village president of a fake city in Facebook-ville and how they earned 3 trillion coins for signing on.

And I’m spending all my time waiting for prom dress factory contracts to finish to I can ship them out before they expire, which makes no sense at all, because how the heck do prom dresses expire?


:: Hold on. I have to go check on it.::

OK, I’m back. So ya, I don’t even understand how to win. I just keep clicking things it tells me to click and then adding pretty cottages and terrain all over the city.

What I do know is that I refuse (REFUSE!) to spend any actual money on this endeavor. I shall not be purchasing city bucks. No siree.

Unless ,of course, stupid cute guy needs them. Obviously.

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Wow. A full-night’s sleep is awesome.

Lately, I’ve been busier than a preacher during holy week.

It’s partly because I’m basically a two-year-old on the inside and never want to miss anything ever, because it could be the MOST exciting thing I ever do. And it’s partly because I over-commit. I think. I guess.

I’m off work today though, so I drove out to my mom’s house last night and plan to stay through tomorrow morning – when I have to work again. There’s something about being out of town that helps me fall into a deep sleep. The kind of sleep where you wake up a new person, with thoughts and ideas and an ability to not get super mad when even the slightest thing goes wrong, like say McDonald’s takes three full minutes to get you your order.

I got 10 hours of that kind of luxurious sleep last night. On a bed and everything.

It was pretty sweet.

Now excuse me while I go be a full-functioning human being again.

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