Frick. A stupid cute guy has convinced me to play a stupid game on Facebook.

D*mn him.

He looked up at me with the cutest coca brown eyes you never saw and said “You’ve got to be my neighbor on Social City!” and because he’s so freaking cute, I said yes.

I have officially become one of those Facebook friends I meticulously block. The ones with constant updates about how they just go the next level and became village president of a fake city in Facebook-ville and how they earned 3 trillion coins for signing on.

And I’m spending all my time waiting for prom dress factory contracts to finish to I can ship them out before they expire, which makes no sense at all, because how the heck do prom dresses expire?


:: Hold on. I have to go check on it.::

OK, I’m back. So ya, I don’t even understand how to win. I just keep clicking things it tells me to click and then adding pretty cottages and terrain all over the city.

What I do know is that I refuse (REFUSE!) to spend any actual money on this endeavor. I shall not be purchasing city bucks. No siree.

Unless ,of course, stupid cute guy needs them. Obviously.

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  1. Once you have conquered the city, you can move to the country and be my Farmville Neighbor. You will then for sure have no time. You said yourself, you don’t ever want to miss anything because it may be the most fun you will ever have. And, yes, no real money is to be used ever! Should fit into your money budget, just not your time budget. We have cows, chickens, villas, crops and, right now, surprise spring eggs on the farm. See you there.

  2. Beth,
    I asked first. After City than Farmville. If Crystal has any time and energy left, she can be your neighbor in FarmTown.

  3. i don’t know about the games people play on their Facebooks because i have never gotten around to getting my own facebook but i DID play a little online game for a stint. it was called Evony, it has banners on various websites advertising… anyway it’s “free” but to really be competitive you have to spend a little money. I stayed free for a long time, but Evony is a war game and i killed so many dudes and took so many cities that those dudes had their paying friends try to take kill my dudes and take my cities. Long story short, i eventually gave in and spent a few bucks and destroyed dudes. Became host of my alliance which was not only ranked #1 but also with half as many members as all the others. We plundered resources, conquered cities, stole girlfriends… it was a huge waste of time. At some point you just have to be honest with yourself, that no matter how much ass you kick it’s not real ass. and it’s not real kicks. it’s just… sloth.

    but yeah, for a virtual minute in a non-existent universe i was the coolest person nobody really knew.

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