Wow. A full-night’s sleep is awesome.

Lately, I’ve been busier than a preacher during holy week.

It’s partly because I’m basically a two-year-old on the inside and never want to miss anything ever, because it could be the MOST exciting thing I ever do. And it’s partly because I over-commit. I think. I guess.

I’m off work today though, so I drove out to my mom’s house last night and plan to stay through tomorrow morning – when I have to work again. There’s something about being out of town that helps me fall into a deep sleep. The kind of sleep where you wake up a new person, with thoughts and ideas and an ability to not get super mad when even the slightest thing goes wrong, like say McDonald’s takes three full minutes to get you your order.

I got 10 hours of that kind of luxurious sleep last night. On a bed and everything.

It was pretty sweet.

Now excuse me while I go be a full-functioning human being again.

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