Wrist rest: De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

Typing really sucks right now because I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, which is more commonly known as Tendonitis.

Basically my tendons are swollen in my wrists. Both of them. And the part where they go over the bone feels like someone is jabbing an ice hammer into the side of my arm and trying to crush my bones at all times.

I’m on prescription pain meds and have to do “wrist rest” (say that 10 times. Strike that. Try to say that even three times fast. I dare you) for two weeks. Part of the wrist rest involves wearing super sexy braces that curve up over my thumb, and make it impossible to bend them my wrist.  Basically, their only downfall is that they are removable.

So all day, I’m like, “Well, obviously the doctor didn’t mean I had to wear them when I do my hair and make-up in the morning.” And, “Obviously, I’m not actually supposed to wear them when I’m getting dressed.” Followed by, “Well it’s not like I can actually wear them when I put clothes in the washer, or brush my teeth or rinse dishes or breathe. No reasonable person would ask me to do that.”

So ya, I need to work on that.

Anyway, all this means that playing Words with Friends really hurts, checking emails really hurts, and typing this post really hurts. So I’m going to be healing my wrists for at least the next week and likely won’t get back to your Words with Friends game until it automatically resigns me for not playing for 22 days or whatever the limit is.

Sorry in advance.

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Falling in love with make-up tutorials.

My favorite things to do on Saturday morning is searching YouTube for videos about “awesome eye make-up for blue eyes.”

I’ve gotten totally obsessed with make-up tutorial videos as of late.

Looking back, it was really a combination of factors that led me here. First, as with most cool things I discover, I originally heard about the whole concept of online make-up tutorials from some girls in my youth group.

Then, while wasting away hours of my life looking at Pinterest, I saw a photo of a girl with rainbow hair and discovered Kandee J. 

She is awesome and fun and wonderful and my new virtual best friend and I could watch her all day long. She has taught me how to chalk my hair, contour my face, do open smokey eyes, and use dry shampoo so that now I only have to wash my hair every other day (don’t worry, I still totally shower every day. Gawd. I’m not gross. It’s called a “shower cap” people).

Then, of course, I started searching for other awesome teachers (specifically ones who have the same skin town as myself) and I found Sam Schuerman, who might be kind of copying Kandee J., but I don’t really care because I cannot get enough of these online tutorials.

Her “make your blue eyes pop” video literally changed my life.

And I cannot wait to try dying my hair pink in the same classy way she did.

Of course, none of my success would be possible if it weren’t for the best make-up company ever.

No. Seriously. Please let that sink in.

The. Best. Make. Up. Company. Ever.

EyeLipsFace (E.L.F.).  You’re wondering what the heck is so great about them? Well I will tell you. They are super cheap. Like $1 for mascara, or lip gloss, or fake eyelashes cheap. They sell the brand at Target, Wal-Greens and Dollar Tree, but the real treasure is online, where they have a huge collection of dirt cheap face paint.

And when you subscribe, you get a coupon just about every hour for free shipping, or half off all lip products, or 30% off all mineral make up.

And I don’t understand how any other makeup company is still in business with these guys looming around.

Now excuse, while I search YouTube for “how to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro.”



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Election Eve: I’m so proud of my little sister

My little sister Monica is pretty much the most amazing thing in the entire Continental United States.

When she plays volleyball images of the Olympics flash through your brain, when she writes a paper, you wonder how she is yet to be published and when you see her beautiful pencil-tight curls in a photo, you start to think maybe she can live out her dream of being “a dancer, a model or a singer.”

She also loves God like a rock star, can help you plan a party or a youth group event like a professional and navigates better than Google Maps.

Plus, she laughs at pretty much all my jokes.

But I  have to say, I have never been more proud of her than when I found out what happened at her school’s mock election.

Apparently, she was chatting with a friend, and the two of them were holding full ballots for the presidential race as well as the local races and her friend was all, “I don’t know hot to fill this out.”

And Monica was all, “It’s easy, just mark all the ones with a “D” next to their name.”

It makes me want to cry tears of joy. Someone done raised her well.

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