back daily photo 9.19.08

a picture hanging at floyds in springfield, il
a picture hanging at floyds in springfield, il

I had many a fun time at floyds bar thirst parlor* in springfield, il during my grad school days. and i made a visit there over the weekend while i was in town for a wedding. ordered the most effective drink known to man — a floyds long island ice tea.

it only takes a few sips and you’re pretty much drunk.

*always the editor david. always the editor.

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  1. Seeing that amazing image makes me wish I could sidle up to the bar, order a shot of Old Crow and a Coors Light (bottle), quickly down the shot and chase it with the beer, and then repair to a high-top table near the juke box, into which I would thenceforth feed a dollar and order “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughn; “Sex Machine” by James Brown and “Can’t Stand Losing You” from the live Police album they had in there. And all of a sudden, things would be right with the world.

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