Bear Down!

Woot! Woot!

Now that’s what I’m talking about folks! The Bears are back and they aren’t going to let anyone go for any sort of two-point conversion in OUR HOUSE.

What’s that Falcons? You think can pass the ball down the field? Ha. Funny. Not going to happen. Bears defense is your worst enemy.

Best part of the game was when the Falcons fumbled and the pile of players were all going for the ball like it was a Super Bowl ring right there on the field, and then one of the Bears players still standing up,  grabbed a Falcon players’ leg and tried to pull him out, and then the Falcon payer, who’s head was under the pile, kind of kicked in the air, like, WHAT THE WHAT?

Bears ball. And we will literally pull you out of the pile by your legs if that’s what it takes.

I think this could be THE year folks! Defense? Still awesome. Special Teams? Still have Robbie Gould. Offense? I think the 30 points should shut everyone up.

Heck, Jay barely even pouted. If he can go with that all season, we’ll be bleepin’ golden.

The whole game day experience was that much sweeter because last week I actually saw everything live. I went to my first game, and it was preseason and whatnot, but it was still seriously awesome. (Thanks to Eric Jensen and the youth group for the best birthday gift ever!)

My brother and I had seats in the second-to-top row, and ya, we had to climb a small mountain and then scale a castle to get up there, but you could still see every player and coach and mascot clear as day.

And I loved singing “BEAR DOWN! CHICAGO BEARS! YOU’RE THE PRIDE AND JOY OF ILLINOIS!” every time they scored while the rest of the world went to commercial.

Yesterday, I spent too much time looking at the TV and wondering where exactly my seat was, but I also had a whole different feel for the coverage after seeing it all in person. I also gained a stronger appreciation of the magical yellow lines the networks use. Those things rock. How the heck did anyone every know where the first downs were before they were invented?

It’s a good time to be a Bears fan folks. A good time. Now excuse me while I obsessively listen to ESPN radio in my car so I can repeatedly hear them talk about how awesome the Bears were yesterday.

I leave you with my pictures from the preseason game. Enjoy and whatnot.


Even at Bears’ games I take pictures of myself. And even at a Bears game my eyes look drunk when as sober as a Methodist pastor on Easter.


Fourth phase is the fans! Get it? Me too! (Now).


This is actual photo of actual football players playing actual football. You’re welcome.

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