No Pack No!

Go Bears Go!

(I have to write about the Bears because I can’t post about all the other stuff I’m dealing with right now).

Seriously! Go BEARS! I love you guys! You can totally beat the stupid Packers. I predict 27-24 Bears in a nail bitter that Gould wins for us. Also, I’m kind of hoping Aaron Rodgers gets sacked like 50 times. In a nice Christian sorta way, but still.

(All my stress has to do with life choices, and oh dear, I fear I’ve already said too much).

My favorite part about the Bears’ games is that it’s a chance to hang out with friends and family and bond and eat and fellowship. I also love that they give me a chance to wear navy blue because that color totally brings out my eyes.

(I’m seriously stressed out here folks!)

Really, the games are a perfect escape. A chance to let out some anger in a way that doesn’t actually hurt anyone. A chance to get really emotionally involved in something that has little actual impact on my life. A chance to just zone out during commercial breaks.

(No, for real, I’m like need-some-Pepto stressed out).

I used the think it was stupid for people to care so much about something that doesn’t actually matter, but now I understand — that is exactly the point of football games. You get to completely envelop yourself in something where the outcome is non-consequential, unrelated to any of your own efforts and super fun. It’s really freeing, in a weird sports way.

Sure, if the Bears lose I might be super sad come 6:15 p.m., but I’ll go to church Sunday night, and then wake up and go to work Monday morning, same as any other week. And you know what I’ll do if the win? Church, then work. Same as any other week.

So ya, for sure, Go Bears Go! I sincerely hope you win. But in the meantime, the game itself will be just the escape I need.

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