Because in facebook-land, I’m perfect

did ya’ll know you can untag photos of yourself in Facebook?!!!

well ya can!

go ahead. look! you just click ‘untag’ under the picture. and bam. magic! you’re no longer associated with that ex, bad hair cut or unflattering activity.

in my case, i looked like someone had just hit me with a truck. a super big truck. with a plow in front. it was pic from a wedding last fall and one of the other bridesmaids tagged me in it. but i was only half-ready to be a bridesmaid at the time the picture was shot, which means i was only half-pretty.

turns out the half i was lacking was more important than i thought, because otherwise i wouldn’t have allowed cameras so close to me.

anywho, so this evil bridesmaid decided my hair looked pretty in the pic or some crap and decided to post it for hundreds of thousands of people to see on the interweb, and then she had the nerve to freaking link my freaking name to it.

what the crap?

I spent the last 7 months praying that people will just skip over my pictures tab when they peruse my profile. but now?


i am officially stress-free people.

stress. free.

i suppose those of you who read this post and the one below might assume that i have self-esteem issues now though.

have no fear. im just a normal, crazy, insecure girl. nothing to worry about here folks. everything is under control.

i am a little worried about what all this untagging business means for the world though. will all of us only present ‘perfect’ to internet land? only the pictures of us with fresh highlights, eyeliner and bibles for you facebook friends? anything with bad lighting, pimples or alcohol is out.


screw it. who cares?

i love being perfect on facebook.

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