promoting my blog may be starting to make me look crazy

all right. fine. asking to look at the guy’s iPhone at the bar Wednesday night so i could secretly plug my blog url into his web browser was crazy.

i can admit when i’m crazy.

it’s just that i love my blog so freaking much. like a child people.

a human child.

and i want to tell everyone i come in even brief contact with about it.

i have business cards, and magnets and tactics that include (but are not limited to): adding the link as a bookmark to people’s computers, twittering and facebooking the crap out of my entries, and calling my mom to remind her to check it.

in fact, a brief scan of the readers here would lead me to believe that most of you are reading this because i incessantly talk about my blog and you’re just trying to get me to shut up.

it’s a little something i like to call self-promotion/being confident/salesmanship.

qualities you HAVE to have in the new era of social media.

but since i’ve been spending so much time promoting my own d*mn blog, i figure i should take a hot minute to promote someone else’s blog. actually, five someone else’s blogs.





and erin.

those five girls inspired me to start this thing back in my oshkosh days.

and even though that job sucked hard core, their blogs all rock hard core. so you should go read them. now.

but then, come back here.

no. seriously. come back. i’m funny too.

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