bein vegan

i know. im lame. i apparently have so little going on in my life that the ONLY thing i have to talk about is how im trying to be vegan. (It’s been about 48 hours without ‘animal anything’ for those keeping track).

but it’s been a really big change for me. and i think the point of having a blog is to, well, write about whatever the heck i want. right? right.

so, for those interested: i had fruit for breakfast; vegan products tend to be more expensive; soy milk (with chocolate) tastes good (ish); sugar is NOT made from any part of any animal and i CAN still have a pop if i want to — i just think it’s not going to help me stay on track with this.

and i’m NOT doing this to lose weight (although that would be nice). i’m doing it, because i believe in it. i don’t think humans were meant to ingest a milk that a cow makes for it’s young. it would be like you drinking a random woman’s milk. (what? it WOULD). only it’s worse because it’s inter-species. ewwww.

the vegan thing really has made a difference in my body. one, im hungry more often. two, im tired more. but three, my pee is way clearer. (yes, i check that kind of thing. and you should too! btw: apple cider color=bad, lemonade color=good). also, i just kind of feel cleaner — although that could ALL be in my head.

the book i read about all things vegan (which said my body should get used to the whole thing in about a month) also suggested yoga — so  i did that too (i think it’s the only exercise my animal-fat-free body has the energy for anyway). and although i pretty much modify every pose so i can, um, DO them, after each session i feel more “balanced,” which is good because that’s how the yoga teacher says i SHOULD feel after. and it DOES relax me. and one day i DO plan to hold the downward facing dog for more than 30 seconds.

Oh, and im thinking i won’t make a separate page on this blog for my vegan fascination — at least not yet. im going to try and make it week ‘animal-anything free’ before i make that kind of commitment to myself. (and i still have to actually figure out HOW to make a separate page for that).

stayed tuned for all things vegan. but don’t worry, im SURE something else exciting will happen to me soon and then you can read about THAT too.

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