bloggin bout blogs

so my very awesome new co-worker is about six seconds younger than me, which means she’s about 5 light years ahead of me in technology.

she’s been telling me about all sorts of cool things, (google reader, html) since i met her two months ago.

recently though, she changed me life when she pointed me toward THIS blog.

it’s written by a woman named penelope trunk. (i’m pretty sure she stole her name from my car).



and i’ve linked to it on my blog roll (See right-hand column).

and i’ve found myself sending posts to people i know.

and then i just decided to write about it here.

and tell you guys to read it.

all of it.

every post.

go now.

because it rocks.

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  1. James

    That girl is very intelligent. Good readings. 🙂 You should submit that to linkland.

  2. Mandy

    I am in love with Google Reader. In love. I might dump Jeff for it.

  3. Kritta

    Uh, Penelope Trunk is the boss of the woman/author/blogger whose house my sister lives in.

    If that makes sense.

  4. Kritta

    OK, wait. My sister USED to live in the basement of Penelope Trunk’s personal assistant.

  5. crystalsuelindell

    OMG! OMG! You NEED to find a way to introduce me to penelope trunk. I would then be forever in your debt.



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