: ) enough said.

seriously, I am so happy right now. 

not like, ‘i-just-met-johnny-depp‘ happy. more like ‘i-finally feel-content’ happy. 

today, i got ready in my VERY OWN bathroom. and NOBODY made me put my hair dryer away after I was done with it. 


it’s just hanging there attached to the outlet as we speak.

then i folded my laundry that i had left in the dryer overnight. i can do that now, because I don’t have to go down to an apartment complex laundry facility in the basement to wash my clothes. instead i can wash them just.down.the.hall. 

THEN i went out through the attached garage. 

i have NEVER in my entire life lived in a place with an attached garage. i had always assumed only rich people had these. apparently this is how the other half has been living. 

THEN i noticed that FALL IS HERE! MY absolute favorite season! cold without snow. heaven.

you are not going to believe what happened next though. 

i drove to work. 

and it only took me 16 MINUTES. 

people! that’s about 1 hour and 14 minutes LESS than the commute i used to do. 

what the heck am i going to do with all this extra time? (blog?)

in conclusion, im pretty freaking happy right now. 

(apologizes if this post makes you want to gag because im too happy, but seeing as how i can’t stop smiling i don’t really care).

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