Boy plans

I suppose I should I just know by know that a 22-year-old boy is not going to be good at making and then keeping plans.

This is my fault.

I’ve dated craptons of stupid 22-year-old boys and none of them ever has ever once ever been good at keeping plans.

So I should know better.

But this boy is driving me insane!

With his, “hit me up, I’ll be around”s and his “I’ll be home, so just give me a call”s.



I hate it.

I want definite plans. I want to know exactly what time I should be at your house. And what I should bring. And what kind of shoes I should wear. And what we’re going to eat so that I can make sure to eat something different for lunch. And who’s going to be there. And if I need a jacket or not. And how much money I should bring. And what purse I should bring.


But he’s not like that.

He’s carefree, and ¬†go with the flow and “whatever man”

Which I like.

I do. I like it.

I like it because I find myself watching “Four Christmases” on his couch while he jumps next to me and then grabs my hand and a suddenly a crappy movie is the best movie I’ve ever seen.

And I find myself wearing his favorite Cubs sweatshirt and having Saturday afternoon lunch together at a very dim and very intimate TGI Friday’s while the rest of the world is running errands and then walking through Best Buy hand-in-hand on a whim and thinking about how much I love spending time with him.

And I find myself smiling all the time.

Those are the kinds of things you can’t plan.

I know that.

But this weekend, I wish, just maybe, we could set a time for dinner.

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  1. Are you sure that’s just 22 year olds? ‘Cause it sounds a lot like my 27-year-old (soon to be 28) boyfriend… Luckily, we’re more than two years in and I can be crazy and tell him WHY I need to know these things, ha.

  2. wow, not making plans seems so much easier. go with the flow, yeah… ok, from now on i am Whatever Man! i should have a costume for this. maybe a cape. ok no cape.

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