The economy is still crap. Ug.

So, umm, when do you guys think either God or Obama will fix the economy? Because I have to say, I’m getting a bit impatient.

It’s been like two years dude.

And for newspapers, it’s been like eleven.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing this crap cleaned up by say, St. Patrick’s Day.

Who’s with me?!



I’ll let God and Obama know first thing.

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are there D-list politicians?

i’m not going to pretend like I remember bill clinton playing his sax on arsenio hall.

but I’ve taken enough political science classes (see: crystal’s undergrad major) to know that it was a turning point not only in presidential elections, but also pop culture.

I picture millions of people saying: WHAT? presidents are PEO.PLE? they like TALK SHOWS? weird.

skip to 2008 and not only are presidential candidates people, they’re gossip blog fotter.

Perez hilton’s dishing about Sarah Palin having a pregnant 17-year-old daughter. clinton’s convention speech was mentioned on pop crunch. and edwards’ affair was EVERYWHERE.

isn’t that the kind of news reserved to add a little spunk to boring political web sites like or cnn?

im just sayin. maybe someone should look in to this whole internet/blog thing.

i think it’s going to be big.

it might even start changing how we elect our next president.


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