Lessons from Six Flags: People do change / being stubborn is lame

Instead of one post listing all the life lessons I learned at Six Flags Great America, I’m going to break it into multiple posts, because seriously people, THERE’S JUST SO MANY!

So, one of my lamest moments on this earth happened when i was 13 years old. I was at Great America with my friend Heather and she was begging me to go on the Batman. except i had heard some crazy story about people getting stuck on that ride for like 13 hours UPSIDE DOWN!

that’s crap, i thought in my little¬† eighth-grade brain. and i did NOT want to take any chance whatsoever of that happening to me. so i refused to go on the ride with her.

let me tell you though, that girl begged me for like two hours straight, and i just stood there like an idiot repeating the word no. Despite the fact that i sat in the little seat on display and made sure it was totally safe, and the fact that the chances of me being on the ride when it got stuck upside down were about 4,000,000,000 to .5.and HOLY CRAP  THERE WAS NO LINE! AND WE COULD LITERALLY JUST WALK ON! i still said no.

i was a stubborn little twit who refused to listen to reason. who refused to hear the facts and evaluate them and then change my mind.

and two years later, while riding in the front seat of the WAY SCARIER ragging bull, i knew that i had made the wrong decision to say no that night.

lucky for me, people do change.

i changed.

and i started listening to reason.

and when my friend shari had asked me to on the ragging bull, i listened to the facts and went on it. and it was SUPER FUN! and i’ve been totally hooked on roller coasters ever since.

my friend heather wouldn’t recognize me.

which i can only assume is a good thing. i mean, thank God i’m not the same person i was in junior high. that would totally suck.

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