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Comments (13)

  1. Mandy

    HAAAAAAAA. I feel like leaving you message every two seconds just to make your cell phone buzz.

  2. Sandy

    Have you been eating contaminated tomatoes to make you sick?
    Just a thought.

  3. Will

    Hi. Just wondering around and found your blog. Cracked me up.

  4. Lyndon

    Did your cell phone just ring?

  5. robtheaccountant

    i definitely enjoy reading your blog. hilarious! dont hate me because i eat meat…

  6. SCVegan

    Did you watch that show, “Journeyman”? It was about a reporter that would go back in time, but never had time to write stories. I use to think, “Hey, they should fire that guy!”

  7. Eric

    Crystal I posted on your site, you don’t have to post it, but I wanted to write it out. So take care Eric :)

  8. Trudy

    I just wanted you to know that I found a guy that married me even though I had chronic pain and was on lots of medications and couldn’t do a lot myself. With doctors supervision I had a happy and healthy baby even though I took pain medications during the pregnancy. She suffered no ill effects OR any withdrawal symptoms. My friends pitched in when I had the baby and going to childcare and playgroup and now school helps a lot when you are sick – you get breaks. Please don’t think you are less of a catch because you have chronic pain, you are a beautiful and obviously intelligent woman, don’t think you are less worthy than others for children and marriage, you are fantastic the way you are. Take care of yourself and love yourself authentically. Regards

  9. jennifer cotroneo

    Hi. I had emailed you awhile back, when I came across your blog. Just wondering if you finally have gotten a diagnosis? Love this blog.

  10. Sarah

    Crystal, I suffer from the same chronic pain you do right side, have every test and treatment know to man and since the DEA change my Dr will not fill my meds and I mad a mistake and took one pill of another sufferers and forgot now not a pain clinic will accept me. I cry all day everyday I wish I knew of someone who could help me get my meds back. I can’t live this way. Thanks for your writings.

  11. Sarah

    Hi Crystal, thanks for your blog. It was encouraging to read. I’ve had chronic muscle spasms and costochrondritis after a chiropractor injured my ribs four years ago. It was difficult to breath with constant pain and discomfort. No one believed me, I felt like I was drowning and lived in a fight of flight mode. People told me to calm down, told me it sounded like anxiety, told me to “just take a deep breath”. I went to so many doctors. Finally I found one that listened to me. I had cortisone injections every few weeks and more chiropractic adjustments. Nothing helped. I lived off a muscle spasm medication. Finally this summer I had an intercostal nerve block. I didn’t think it helped but after a couple months my muscles atrophied in the chest. I still don’t know if it was the constant cortisone injections or the nerve block that made the muscles atrophy, but when they did the muscles released and I could breath again, not perfect because the atrophied muscles are respiratory muscles, but so much better. I’m still anxious all the time that its going to come back. I found your blog googling about intercostal nerve block. I hope your condition hasn’t returned and hope you’re doing well.

  12. Alan

    Hello Everyone,
    I came across this blog while doing research for a power point presentation. You see I do free demonstrations for my community on pain prevention. My life goal is to offer pain relief to everyone I can. After reading what people had wrote about the pain they deal with really makes me sad, but even more determined to help people in physical pain! I wish everyone the best of luck and encourage people to just read my reviews from pain suffers and know that if you can find the ideal body worker(not relaxing Swedish massage), it can be life changing! You can read reviews on

  13. Patricia

    Hi Crystal,
    Please tell me about intercostal pain, this is a new topic for me. I had Googled “pain will drive you insane” and found you that way. Last night the pill bottles looked tooo good. Hugs m’dear.


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