don’t buy meth! become a journalist instead!!

i had a pretty freaking exciting day today. so much so, that by mid-afternoon my hands were actually shaking from all the adrenaline that was rushing through my body.

What could i have possibly covered that would cause such a rush? you ask!!!! well. not only did i interview the wonderful governor of wisconsin…. i also got to personally shake (candidate x)’s hand. and. ask him a personal question! by myself. for my paper!!

and it was freaking awesome. and i’m really not trying to make all you people out their jealous (though it’s ok if you are) i’m just so genuinely excited that i’m hoping some of it will rub off on you and then you’ll be excited too!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really don’t think i could put enough exclamation points in this post to convey HOW EXCITED I AM.

The only problem is, now the adrenaline is starting to wear off. and i’m suddenly extremely tired. but i still have to work for two more hours. and my hands kind of hurt from the shaking. but i don’t care. IM TOO EXCITED TO CARE!

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