does that make me a loser?


as some of you may already know, i had a pretty freaking crummy valentine’s day and I’m just go to put it out there — I blame Snow for that. stupid Snow.

Anyway, because I basically spent the day of love alone. in my apartment. i didn’t really get any cool valentine’s day chocolate. in fact, the only thing i got was a card from my grandma (which was very nice by the way). but, I thought i was ok with not getting anything else.

and i really was— until I went to Wal-Greens last night. I turned down aisle three to see … easter candy. WTF? already? I mean, I don’t even think JESUS has started to buy easter candy yet, and it’s HIS birthday resurection. but, whatever.  and then, it happened. i looked to the left and there it was. all the stupid valentine’s day candy wal-greens had failed to sell. and. it was ALL 50 percent off. and 90 percent of it was CHOCOLATE. the only problem was it was in stupid heart-shaped boxes. and it can be really awkward to buy a heart-shaped box A: afterValentine’s day and B: for yourself.

but there was fannie may PEOPLE. don’t you understand how good fannie may is? and it’s typically really expensive. but not on Feb. 16, as long as you’re willing to ignore the heart-shaped box.

NO (i thought). i can’t buy valentine’s day candy for myself. that’s just stupid. but then. i remembered that I don’t really care about looking stupid. and i bought two. that’s right. i bought TWO heart-shaped boxes worth of candy. for myself. and i don’t even care. (that much). what’s that? you want a fannine may chocolate? get your own.

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  1. Glad you liked the valentine. I went looking at Target for left over stuff, didn’t find any. But would of bought a box too.

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