driven to eating a hostess.

i want to write a steller entry on how when people are weak, they do stupid things they wouldn’t otherwise do. like today, when i ate a hostess cupcake because i was sick and i felt like someone had hit me over the nape of my neck with a steel shovel and so i wanted some darn comfort food. I ate the cupcake even though i  knew it had lard in it, which im technically not supposed to eat seeing as how im a vegetarian and whatnow. and also, i didn’t work out because i was tired, and i called a super, bad ex because i was sad.

but im too tired. and sick and sad to write anything clever.

so instead im going to leave you with a little trivia i recently taught my sister. she was so impressed with it that she shared it with her class. (now if only i could get her to do that with my blog. hmmm.)

anywho, here’s the trivia. the following sentence contains every single letter of the alphabet. go ahead. check.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs.

there you have it. you learn something new every day. and to be fair, my sixth grade teacher mrs. mach totally taught that to me. so it’s not like i just came up with it on my own. feel free to share it with friends though. and if you want, you also could mention that you saw it on my blog. my super awesome, funny blog.

just sayin.

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