hmm. should i write about this?

don’t think i didn’t see it coming. i mean for real, I saw it coming from like six months out. but holy man. when it actually happens. when you actually get a pay cut.


it hurts.

im not even sure how appropriate it is to be broadcasting this online, but seeing as some of my fellow reporters were nice enough to include the info on their facebook statuses, i figured – what the heck? everyone knows. the jig is up. newspapers are dying.

there. i said it. i am in a dying industry.

and i have spent the last umpteen years working my little behind off to be the very best i can be at this job. and for what? so they can cut my hours and eliminate their contribution to my 401k?

don’t worry. i’ll still be my dandy, chipper, hardworking self at work. i’ll still do my best in the time allotted to me. because im not the type to ever to stop giving it my all.

but in my soul of souls. in my heart of hearts. i know now. i get it.

i can’t stay in this field much longer.

i just can’t.

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  1. Amen, sister. Other than the fact that I probably never really loved being a “reporter,” this was largely the reason I think my job elimination was a serious blessing in disguise. Ugh.

  2. Heh. Yeah. I guess you could blame that Facebook broadcast on me. When I get angry, I update statuses. Stati? Anyway … this is why Twitter and I REALLY can never co-exist. TMI, TMI.

    Maybe I’ll just paint my nails black again …

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