either God’s mad at me, or i owe someone scary money

so just to get you guys up to speed:

aside from the fact that three weeks ago, my car died, (detailed here.), I have also, within the past few weeks: gone 24 hours without power, gotten in a car accident and somehow managed to SCRATCH MY EYE.

:: deep breath ::

we’ll go chronologically.

first. there was the infamous power outage that came after a chicagoland storm (equivalent to a sunny afternoon by wisconsin standards) that knocked out power from here to well, wisconsin. 

it resulted in 12 hours of vanilla scented candles lighting my apartment, a shower so cold i felt like someone was stabbing my skin, and me blowing drying my hair in a grocery store bathroom.

(comed is stupid).

but, now that i look back on it, it wasn’t that big of a deal, because, on tuesday, i pulled out of a parking space at the tanning salon and rammed right into a 1998 monte carlo.

(insert expletives).

my car is, of course, fine.




(and my insurance rates were JUST about to go down following my 25th birthday. ugh.)


no big deal.

ya i was pretty freaking sore by wednesday.

and no pain medication helped me feel better. and the heat patches didn’t make me feel better.

but i could deal with it.


no, i don’t know how. (some people would argue its contact-lens related, but there is no actual proof of that).

after one trip to urgent care (under the assumption that it was pink eye) and one trip to an optometrist, i realized i was going to be house bound for awhile.

see. besides the PAIN, and the PUSSY EYE and i also can’t wear my contacts for a week.

and i don’t have glasses.

that means i just shelled out $200 to pearl vision, so i could get glasses by tomorrow. (and by ‘i just shelled out’ i actually mean, ‘my roommate lent me’)

now im stuck at home, unable to drive.

and i just wrote a bad $30 check for my eye drops that I’m hoping wal-greens won’t cash till tomorrow (pay day).

and i can’t see anything.

and writing this post is actually hurting my eye.

and im still sore from the stupid car accident.

and my car still hates me.

somebody PLEASE bring me a four-leaf clover.


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  1. CrystalSue, I want to hug you.

    I had an eye issue yesterday too, which makes me thinks our eyes are soul mates.

    xo. I miss you, still.

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