if i ever actually meet my friend SCVegan, i’m pretty sure i’d have to fall in love with him on the spot.

the other day, he read all my blog posts dating back to early november – an accomplishment in and of itself — and THEN he left me a comment.

on nearly

the dude managed to blow-up my crackberry for about three hours as i continued to get little notifications alerting me to new comments. i just looked back through my email and it seems he commented about 40 times.

40 TIMES’!

I don’t even know what he looks like. And I’m only about 85 percent sure that he, is an umm, a he. As far as I can tell he found my blog during that whole vegan thing i did, decided i didn’t suck and has been a fan ever since. We’ve chated a few times online and whatnot, and there was a drunk email incident in there somewhere, but other than that, we just communicate via my blog. once, when he hadn’t commented for awhile, my mom actually asked about him. and i find myself awaiting his thoughts on my posts like im 8 years old again and Ray Johnson is deciding if he will circle “yes” or”maybe” on that note i passed his way. and then, when SCVegan does comment, they’re usually so brilliant that i share them with my friends while laughing.

and it’s nice to have fans. or fan. because even if he’s the only one out there reading this thing, at least i know i don’t suck.

my friend april is kind of like a 3-d version of SCVegan. she’s my fan in real life. and when i feeling like maybe im not so good at navigating the world, she always comes through and yells “CRYSTAL DON’T GIVE UP!” and i’d like to think i do the same for her.

and when we first became each others fans, it was all “hey, don’t worry, people at college will like you” and now it’s more “don’t worry, you’ll find a way to pay all your bills this month” so it goes. we stick it out. together.

and one time she came to visit at Western Illinois University when i was an undergrad there and we went to a party so i could point out the boy i was pretty much in love with, but who had been treating me like crap pretty much since i had met his drunk-behind at a party the second week of my sophomore year.

april took one look at him and said “i do believe that is the ugliest guy you’ve ever made out with. you can do SO much better” and even if i had know those things before then, it took my friend, a true crystal fan, to point them out. and i dropped him like a penny in the street and moved on with my life.

well, i eventually moved on my life. people, im not a saint. but without april there to point me toward bigger and better boys, i might have been stuck with him still. just living my life, thinking that i couldn’t do any better.

lucky for me i had fans. or at least fan.

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  1. Mr. Jesus – I mean, BlackJack – is also your fan. He’s perfectly willing to go on a walk with you whenever you want, to allow you to feed treats to him whenever you want and to eat any food you might happen to drop on the floor. I’m sure he’d bark at any ugly guys who came your way, too, so long as the ugly guys didn’t have food…

  2. 40 times, seriously? Well, I do admit that I am rather smitten with your blog and unique writing style. It doesn’t feel like I’m reading, but more like I am listening to you talk; telling me about your day whether good or bad. Your clever use of punctuation marks and carefully crafted sentence structure, you’re quite talented I must say.

    Most of the time you have me laughing because life is funny, and you’re just so honest about yours. I can relate to some of the things you write about because it’s true and the feelings are universal, but probably the most amazing thing is when I can’t relate. What you’re blogging about is still the truth, but maybe I haven’t been in a certain situation or I have — but only know my own perspective. It’s insightful to get a glimpse into how other people feel and knowing that what one may believe to be considerate others may find to be the complete opposite.

    Lately your postings have been on a sadder note and when I read this I can’t help but feel sad too. I know things will get better for you, and in the future this whole thing will just be a single chapter in your book that no doubt will leave me waiting in line for three hours in front of Borders so that I can get an autographed copy during your west coast book signing tour.

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