i wish i had gotten uno point.

apparently when it counts i totally suck at Uno. (get it? counts. uno. uno means one. ha. i’m hilarious.) last night i did my monthly stint volunteering at the local church that houses homeless people overnight and i played the card game uno with the other volunteer mike. for two hours.

and at first i was all ‘ha. i win. again.’ but since i was doing so great, i decided that we should start adding up the cards we had left over at the end of the game. then the person with the most points would lose.

i lost.

a lot.

like i had 441 points and he had 253 points. i’m not even exaggerating here. nope. looking at the post-it we kept score on right. now. yep. i got 441 and he got just 253. i don’t know if you’ve ever played uno, but 441 points is pretty hard to get, considering most cards are worth 3 or 2 or even zero points. but alas, i managed to lose the first seven games in a row.

you would have thunk with all that practice i got at the game during that summer i spent with my cousins in indiana back in 91, i’d be a little better and whatnot. and i’m not sure if it was the nerves, or the fact that this all happened between mid-night and 2 a.m., but im going to go ahead and blame it on the fact that i was darn tootin tired.

now excuse me while i learn to stack uno cards in my favor. mozzy along. nothing to see here.

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