frick im tired.

so you’re proably all ‘where the heck have you been GIRL?!’

im sorry I haven’t been posting. The problem is, when I go to post, I get frustrated that I haven’t quite designed this blog yet. But I’m always too tired to figure out how to do it, so instead of even logging in, i just give up.

anyway, here I am. The blog is still design free (aside from the purple and pink thing I figured out at the top), but I’ve given in and decided to post regardless.

for those of you keeping track, i did in fact go to the doctor this week. and it wasn’t the end of the world that i thought it was going to be.

this is how i pictured it going:

me: so. my stomach has been hurting.

the doctor: oh. ya. you’re dying. did nobody tell you that? well, we’ll just try to make you as comfortable as possible.


me: so. my stomach has been hurting.

the doctor: oh. ya. right. sure it has. well you just rest your head here and take this little pill (hands me a flinstone vitamin). there. all better? that’ll be $7,549 dollars. Thanks.

But instead, the doctor let me blab for like a half hour about every. single. detail of my symptoms and then made some thoughtful points. as it stands i have to get an ultrasound on my gallbladder done next week, while i simultaneously take an acid-blocker to fight off possible gastritis.

all of that sounds just fine and dandy. except that if nothing works or turns up anything. well.


oh man.


then, i have to let some quack put a camera down my throat and into my stomach.

i have been assured that this test hardly hurts and that when I wake up from the half-sleep (called ‘twilglight for which i can only assume are pr purposes) I’ll hardly remember a thing.

umm. HALF-SLEEP. WTF? I don’t want to be HALF asleep when i gag to near death. i want to be out. jebus!

anywho. im hoping I’ll never have to worry my pretty little head about such matters, because im the problem will just fix itself. (see also: crystal’s attitude toward car problems).however, my worries have not yet dwindled. you see, my lovely roommate has told me that if the problem is in fact my gall bladder it might have to be taken out.

threw my belly button.


yes. apparently, THAT’S what that’s there for. so that when I’m 25 the doctor’s can go in and suck out my organs.


there you have it. you’re officially updated on my life. did you miss me?

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  1. I’ve had that “camera down the throat” thing. (But mine had another camera go in another hole at the same time until they met.) It wasn’t bad, at least the throat part. So don’t sweat it.

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