got soy milk?

so, i’m trying the whole vegan thing out again.

i know, i know. last time i was all “i MISS CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!”

but i think the five-month break done did me good, because I really feel ready to commit to it this time.

now, if only someone would tell my freaking body that part, because holy crap is it getting mad at me. it’s all “oh snap! you’re not eating dairy? or eggs? that’s crap. hmmm. what can i do to change this? oh. duh. i can make you supa dizzy.”

and at first i was like “I SURRENDER!” and i went to the 7-11 down the block from my office and bought a stouffer’s macaroni and cheese and ate it. but THEN! (after some careful advice from my friend mr. google) i was all “oh ya. well, I’m going to take a vitamin specially formulated for vegans that has iron, and B-12 and vitamin C and folic acid. so take that. stupid body.”

and after one day with the vitamin, my body was all “well played my friend. well. played.” but then it slept on it, and came up with a new plan. “operation: make crystal dizzy anyway”

which seems to be working. and so im going to try to go home and get some sleep and see if that helps and then wake up and take another super-vegan vitamin and re-evaluate.

but before you scream “Crystal. STOP. this CAN’T be healthy.” I want you to know that I talked to my doctor about being vegan, and although I didn’t really metion the whole dizzy thing, she DID say (and I quote) ‘good for you.'” so shut-up about cheese being good for me. it’s not. it’s just not.

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  1. Hey, wow that is awesome! I’m so proud of you right now, even if I do read later in this blog that you have began eating cheese again because the smell in your car makes the cravings too hard to bare.

    I do not take super-vegan vitamins personally, but I will look into them because I really want to see a labeled bottle that reads “SUPER-VEGAN VITAMIN”.

    Man, super-vegans are probably the most powerful of all the vegans, though I hear “vegans named after cities in which they live” are not far behind in the power rankings.

    I don’t know why you get dizzy, though I will say that taco bell is probably not the best place for vegan sustenance.

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