Happy Christmas (Eve).

Maybe it’s the NyQuil, Vicks, Advil (for the still-sorta-swollen ankle), Puff tissue PLUS lotion cocktail – but I feel kind of spaced out.

All I can think about is the wooden “PEACE” letters resting on my window sill, and the snow-covered bush in the background.

How Christmas is that?

I still have a couple presents to buy (see: 20s something brothers, impossible to shop for.),  and although nearly all of my immediate family will be over to my house tonight, I have yet to wash a single dish.

Say it with me: Pro. Crast. Inate.

I did, in fact, clean the toilet this morning for the first time in oh, umm. Ya, actually, I’m too embarrassed to tell you the last time I cleaned it. Just think of the last time you cleaned yours and then add a couple months to the equation.  Oh! And I also threw two shopping bags of used tissue into the garage garbage.

My goal is to get my sense of smell back by the time dinner is served tomorrow.

For now, I will leave you with one of my favorite Christmas clips eva. My prayer for you is that you’ll keep in your hearts the real reason for this holiday – with God, the impossible is actually possible. And each of us can be saved.

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  1. High School poem by Sandy Schmidt
    Title: I am a Procrastinator

    Can’t remember the rest.

    A Blessed Christmas to you and see you tomorrow.

    PS – Leave your nasty cold at home and bring good weather!

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