My wonderful, magical, happy Chirstmas day

It’s basically been snowing here for about 17 years.

I’m not a fan.

It makes want to huddle up inside surrounded by blankets, dvds and my laptop. Luckily, I’m currently under the favor of the scheduling universe and I don’t have to work until Wednesday, so that’s pretty much what I’m doing.

I’m also recovering from a (non-alcoholic) Christmas hangover.

The last day or so was super-wonder-fan-tabulous,  but I overdosed on cookie-eating, caroling and candy-cane-hanging.

It started with all the stars, saints and snowmen aligning so that I could spend the morning with my mom, my sister, and both of my brothers. Something that hasn’t happened in about seventy kagillion years. We ate egg-cheese-tomato omelets, opened gifts from Santa and and watched “A Christmas Story” on TBS while getting ready to trek to the far off land of Hoffman Estates.

In the spirit of Santa, I shall now list some of the wonderful glorious things I got this year: A (pink) 2009 Holiday Barbie and the two-disc set of Public Enemies (both from my mom), Mario Bros. pajama pants (see below) (!!!), a Simpson Christmas episodes DVD (both from my amazing brothers), and the Shakira SheWolf CD (from my sister).

Also, my sister got a Wii,  in a stop-breathing, she-never-expected, holy-omg moment. I can’t wait to start using her for her video game system.

Eventually, we all made our way over to my aunt and uncles house – a tradition dating back to the days of VHS and  cameras with film.

Lucky for us, I can now take pictures with a magical device called a Blackberry. Sure, they’re blurry and the color is off, but they still capture the spirit of the my wonderful, magical, happy day.


These were the grab bag gifts my aunt gave us after we passed out all the regular gifts. Because I know you’re wondering, the long thin one is a draft dodger, which keeps heat from escaping under a door. Clever name, huh?


This is what I got from the red gifts. And by “got,” I mean I stole it from my grandma all gift-bag-game style. I’m hoping to use it next year – when the team actually wins at night.


Fine. This ice is pretty. But I still hate snow. And winter.


My mom and me in a traditional posed-Christmas shot.


My sister and I. She looks like she’s thinking “my sister is lame” but I know that can’t be the case.


How cool are those??  That’s my left leg. 🙂


These are the famous potatoes my uncle Glen makes. They are wonderful and awesome and wonderful.

xmas ornaments

Here’s hoping you had a Happy Christmas!!!

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  1. Omelets w/cheese? Just when I’m coming close to committing to veganism, you fall off the wagon. Is this just a Yuletide lapse?

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