Hit me up real quick

1. I’ve been doing some really cool things lately while newspapering. Including: Covering the Hawks parade, writing about Great America here and here, and making video magic!

2. Mosquitoes suck. Literally. All of my blood. Or at least all the blood in the back of my neck. I feel a little sad when I kill them, what with the whole vegetarian thing I’ve got going on, but then I don’t because HELLO! they were totally just sucking my freaking blood.

3. I’m going to Florida Saturday for a mission trip!!! Holy sunshine!! For those wondering, I raised $595 from my friends on a family!!! THAT IS INSANE!! GOD IS AWESOME!! If you sent me money I love you now. And I will send you a super awesome thank you card when we get back. True promise.

4. I wish I liked soccer, because there seems to be a lot of that on TV these days, and the players are pretty hot. I’m a sucker for an accent.

5. I cannot wait to move to Naperville! They have a mall, and a Whole Foods, and my best friend. It’s going to be supa fun times people! (Anyone with a pick-up truck want to hook a girl up with some moving help?? June 27-28).

7. Also, the move comes with the new job, which brings with it some much needed financial stability. I cannot wait to get regular oil changes people!

8. Speaking of being broke, I really should have bought new contacts like yesterday, but I didn’t want to use $30 for such things. Instead, I’ve been wearing this two-week pair since about March. (What’s that letter you say? Umm, isn’t that a B? Oh, an E you say? Hmm.) I’m planning to just leave them in my eyes through the mission trip because I don’t want to take them out and have the break. Sounds like a plan to me!

8. Jesse left. I miss him. I’ll live. I’ll move on. But I still miss him.

9. I hate my hair. I hate it with all my hair heart. It’s not brown, it’s not blonde. It’s blah. I try to dye it blonde, but my roots show up in like three seconds and make me look like white trash. I try to dye it brown and it fades in 2.3 showers. HELP ME HAIR FAIRY! HELP ME!

10. Go Hawks! (Jonathan Toews, call me!)

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  1. You are simply the best!

    Safe trip and best to you …. I didn’t send you any money (this time) …. next time I will. True promise.

    Being a girl that was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love (before I moved to Atlanta 17 years ago) I just cannot congratulate you guys on the championship but I do congratulate you on the move and the move up! Keep doing what you do, I admire you.

    My daughter is a hairstylist and ….well, sorry to hear about the hair.

  2. *i like when you write your blog in bullet point, list format.

    *It’s concise, quick and gets the point across efficiently.

    *I was wondering why you were so much into the Atlanta Hawks, until i finally realized you were talking NHL and not NBA.


    *congratulations on the new job and stuff. i know it’s over a year ago but still! I’m proud of you over distance and time.

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