how do i write about fresh love without jinxing it?

so i recently went to a party, and i met this guy. and he was awesome.

and we went for a walk and thought nobody would notice we were missing because the only person each of us saw in the room was the other.

and when we got back EVERYONE had noticed we were missing, but neither of us cared. and my friends (ish) were all “what the heck did you guys talk about?” and I was all “i don’t really know. it was just a perfect walk.”

and he read my blog and thought i was funny and then he turned on the history channel to fall asleep without even knowing that the history channel is my FAVORITE thing to fall asleep too.

and then i couldn’t stop smiling.

and i just want to write about it because i never want to forget that during the last week of Sept., 2008 i was really happy. and because sometimes i forget that within 24 hours you can meet someone who can change your whole perspective on life. and because he’s consumed my thoughts lately so it’d be hard for me to write about anything else.

and ya’ll should be honored that i’m sharing this with you because i haven’t told anyone about it except my mom and my wisconsin-based friend mandy, because i don’t want to jinx things and I figure my mom doesn’t count and neither do out-of-state friends.

and it might turn into nothing. or it might turn into something.

but im pulling for something.

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  1. Also, there is a photo of Jeff and I hanging on my desk and like three years ago I wrote this quote on a post-it and stuck it to the photo, and it’s SO true:

    “I love that someone who can change our lives starts as nothing more than a stranger.”

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