i need sleep

i don’t know if you all know this, but for the first time in about 25 years, Oshkosh was on the map these past few weeks. (I mean literally, Oshkosh was on CNN’s map of Wisconsin). we had this little election thing going on here and it kind of got some attention from those main stream media folks. and me (who’s in the side stream media) got to cover some of it. you know, nothing major, just a few presidential candidates coming to town and stuff. whatev.

but that has basically meant i haven’t slept in like two weeks (ish) and now I’m tired as crap. I worked until about 1 a.m. last night waiting to find out how the people in ward 13 of Oshkosh voted then dutifully got a drink with the only other people in town who also care about how the voters in ward 13 voted. 

and then i went to work at like 10 this morning and no matter how much coffee and pop (that’s right im from Illinois and i said POP) i drank, i COULD NOT wake up. so i called it a semi-early day and went home and laid down and slept. and it was like i had taken tylenol pm even though i hadn’t because i was so exhausted.

and i woke to use the bathroom a few minutes ago and now im writing this post so all you people out there mad at me for not posting for the last day (all two of you) can know why. it’s because im damn tired. that’s why.

oh, and go (candidate x). go. go.

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