she totally would call me her bff now.

yesterday, there i was sitting at home like a loser who hates showers watching Deadwood epidoes on DVD when an unknown number popped up on my cell. and i’m not going to lie, i didn’t answer it. but then, it came up again and i thought ‘well, if it’s that dentist in South Dakota calling me on a Sunday to remind me i still owe her $130 for a filling, i can always just hang up.’ but it wasn’t that dentist. it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

holy crap!

after the usual pleasantries (i.e. them: sorry i didn’t get back to you yesterday, we were really busy, me: that’s ok) the press person said ‘I’m going to have some time with the senator in about an hour if you’d like to do a one-on-one phone interview with her.


don’t worry, I played it cool — i was all ‘ya, i think i can do that.’

then. i immediately started taking off my pj’s and putting on regular clothes. rushed around looking for my broken glasses, used some deodorant and even brushed my teeth so i could go to work. that took about three, maybe four seconds.

i grabbed all my stuff and ran through a quarter-mile of foot-high snow to get to my car. (did i mention the winter storm we had yesterday). alas, when i got to my car, i realized there was about a foot of snow that needed to be scraped off and UNDER THAT there was an inch of solid ice that needed to be scraped through. an inch. and my razor-sharp (i use the term loosely) scrapper just wasn’t in the mood for it. so i only scrapped off an 2-inch by 2-inch section on the passenger side. let’s just say, that was a stupid idea.

the whole ride to work (through the blizzard) i was basically just praying that tomorrow’s paper didn’t read ‘REPORTER DIES TRYING TO INTERVIEW CLINTON’ while i gripped the steering wheel with both hands. thankfully, i made it ok.

I got to work in time for the arranged interview and then — it was delayed. which was cool, because that gave me an additional 30 minutes to be nervous.

When i finally got her on the phone, i was all ‘why is wisconsin important’ and she was all ‘i heart wisconsin.’ (or something like that) and we talked for 15 minutes. THAT’S RIGHT, I TALKED ONE-ON-ONE WITH HILLARY CLINTON FOR 15 MINUTES and then,  i wrote this article.

and that’s the story of how hillary and i became bff. just in case you were wondering.

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