I still like Facebook / Newspapers should learn from Facebook

Maybe it’s because I’m a blogger, or because I’m a journalist or because I already go around wearing my heart on my tank-top sleeve, but I just do not care if Facebook gives my information to everyone ever all the time.

I don’t.

I use the freaking site for free. FREE! As in, I pay no money to do glorious things such as but not limited to: upload 3,439 photos to the site; send out mass message alerts to my high school youth group kids; and post links to this here blog.

No. Money. At. All.

So, if Mark Zukerburg feels the need to tell Barnes and Noble that I like to read books about humor, fine. Actually, better than fine, because then I get ads that I actually give a crap about.

And if you’re randomly worried that Facebook is shouting from the Internet rooftops about your favorite movies and/or telling Pandora you only listen to country music, than maybe you should just not list your favorite movies on the site to begin with and take Shania Twain off your music section.


And well we’re on the topic of things that need to make money, I think newspapers could learn a lot from Facebook.

Basically readers have been using them for free for decades. The 75 cents they charge is for the actual cost of the physical paper and wet ink. The content is all paid for by ads, as in, users get it free.

But the newspaper advertising model now totally sucks when you compare it to super sophisticated things like Facebook, where I only see ads for Taco Bell and Johnny Depp movies because I only like Taco Bell and Johnny Depp movies.

Why are there still newspaper sites out there throwing random ads online about how to lose 1 pound of belly fat each week by following one simple rule? WHY? They should be getting tons of information from their users and then selling it so they can go back to their real mission – gathering content about important things like political scandals, car accidents and parades.

Every reader should only ever see ads that are relevant to their lives and no reader ever should have to fund content.

Also, I just really want this whole “newspapers are dying” thing to get worked out so I can make a decent wage and pay off my student loans  and put aside a little extra cash in case Facebook starts charging me.

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