i think i have enough faces. and books

so, i currently have two facebook accounts (one for my undergrad at WIU and one for grad school at UofI-springfield), a myspace, a twitter account, this blog, a blog for work, and ummm another  web-thing that requires upkeep.

so im thinking of deleting one of my facebook accounts.

also, i can’t keep the passwords straight.

but im scared. and i can’t decide which one to delete. western? or springfield?

the point is, if you randomly aren’t my friend on facebook any more, blame the abundance of passwords i have in my life.

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  1. Sandy

    I like the blue and then the pink on the comment page. However, I don’t know if you have control of font size, but it could be a little bigger for my taste. Also, no time stamp on the post. Just the date. Keep it up. CHANGE IS GOOD MOST OF THE TIME!

  2. crystalsuelindell

    well, i can’t do anything (that i know of) about the lack of a time stamp, but i’ll ask around.

    as for the text size, i don’t think i can make it bigger, but you can hold down your control key and scroll up with the rolling button in the middle of your mouse to make the text larger.

    good luck!

  3. Sandy

    Well, I tried the control/scroll thing first before my first comment to you. Then checked to see what font size I had under “view” and neither made the font bigger. Oh well, I guess it is a computer thing after all.

    You had a time stamp under the old format.

  4. crystalsuelindell

    Hmm. the mouse + control thing works for me.
    as for the time stamp, it’s built into different themes. So im not sure what kind of coding i would need to put it in to this theme. But like i said, i’ll check into it. :)

  5. CJ

    Send a post to all of the “friends” in one facebook account telling them where to find you (at the other facebook account).

    Then, after say- a month?, shut it down. The peopel that want to stay connected will. And the others can “search” for you if they want to re-connect.

  6. Lyndon

    If you delete me, I will kill a kitten and a puppy too.



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