re: im scared

editor’s note: umm. ya. i guess just make sure you read the updates. otherwise this post makes no sense.

ok. ok. i changed my design. what do you guys think? if you really, really hate it, tell me bc it’s fairly easy to change. i didn’t get a ‘home’ link, but just like before, you can click on the blog’s title to go ‘home.’

One really cool thing about this design is that is shows my tag line under my title: ‘because writing is hard.’ before it was only visible on my dashboard.

another obvious plus is that my widgets no longer only appear on capital letters.

UPDATE: ya. im not really sure if i like it. … im flirting with some other designs. stay tuned.

UPDATE: ok. this is the design i really WANT to use, but im scared people will say things like ‘i don’t like reading white text on a black background.’ if that’s you’re beef, speak now or forever hold your peace.

also, it doesn’t list tags and categories under posts, but you can still search via those things on my side bar.

and beware. i might change it in like 7 seconds.

i have problems with commitment

UPDATE: seriously. this commitment problem i have is probably the reason im single. anyway, i changed it again. this one is eastier to read.

what do you guys think?

beware — it might get tweaked.

AND YES, it IS just a modified version of this girl’s blog. and this girls blog. but both those girls are super good writers (seriously, they are. you should go read them right now.) so maybe this theme will help me be as cool as they are.


plus, maybe both of them picked it because it’s the ONLY one that has everything a girl could want in a blog theme (a “home” link, non-capitalized widgets, a viewable tag line. etc.).


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  1. I like this one better than the one you had around, what? 5 p.m.? This one’s much cooler.

  2. Missed all the changes.
    Light grey text- could be darker so old f@rts like me can read it easily.

    Othewise- I like it. 🙂

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