I want to write April a love song.* (seriously. we’re not lesbians)

ok. so i love, love, love, love, love, love, love sara bareilles.

seriously. i love her.

i just feel this CONNECTION with the woman. i mean, she doesn’t want to just write someone a love song because they tell her to. she wants to do it when she actually LOVES them.


i’ve listened to her cd approx. 342 times and every song is AMAZING!

there’s ‘gravity,’ which is about a bad break up. there’s ‘vegas’ which is about following your dreams and getting tatoos. and there’s ‘fairytale’ which is about a guy at the liquor story. oh and of course, there’s the ever popular ‘love song’ (the video to which is linked above).

so, when my best friend surprised me with tickets to see her, i kind of teared up. 

ok. the concert was ACTUALLY marron five and counting crows (ya, i have no idea who the counting crows are either) but so what if sara bareilles was only the opening act? and was apparently so minor that she wasn’t even listed on the ticket stub? im going to go ahead and continue to refer to it as the “sara bareilles,” concert anyway.

let me go ahead and paint a scene for you guys:

the concert started at 7 p.m. in milwaukee, and we HAD to be there on time, seeing as how the WHOLE goal was to see the opening act.

the only problem was, april had to work till 5 p.m.

leaving us exactly 2 hours to drive 1 hour and 45 min., park and find our seats.

after a tumultuous drive into the cheese state, we found our way to the marcus performing arts center with time to spare.

except the concert was ACTUALLY at the Marcus amphitheater (seriously, why do people in milwaukee love this marcus guy SO much that they named TWO venues after him.? who is he?) so we had to haul a$$ to the right stage.

then we went to park, and the guy was all ‘oh, THAT stage is about a mile from here, but for $10 you can walk.’ He assured us it would be WAY more expensive to park closer. (later analysis of the situation showed that this was not true. at all.) we were under time pressure, so we threw our money at the man and started RUNNING to the concert.

the only problem was my pants were too big (what, being vegan helped me drop a few pounds ok.) i wasn’t exactly wearing a belt. or sexy underwear (i like to be comfortable. ok? gawd).  so the whole time my purple “granny panties” were totally showing (there was NO time to be worrying about stupid things like pulling up my pants. we had to get to the CONCERT!)

april says people were doing double takes because it was so bad and my underwear were showing THAT much. but im going to go ahead and hope the 432 people we passed on that mile run to the concert thought it was just a layed tank top showing though.


we made it to our seating section just as sara bareilles started her first song (“bottle it up,” for those keeping track).

and then.

april realized she lost her ticket. (i TOLD her to wait to fiddle with her stupid camera)

i started freaking out a bit.

also, for the visual, go ahead and remember that april and i had seriously just run a mile. and it was very hot outside. 

we were sweating.  glowing.

a lot.

thankfully, the nice usher realized there was no way april could have gotten all the way to our seating section (past three other check points) if she hadn’t actually had a ticket, so he let her in.

we ran down to our seats.

and realized we had an AMAZING VIEW


we had made it.

and sara bareilles was awesome.

and maroon 5 was also awesome. (i want to start stalking their lead singer).

and we didn’t stay for the counting crows. 

but im thinking it was a pretty awesome birthday, and that it’s a sign that 25 is going to be a good year.

unrelatedly, i want to know where the guy in front of us got his cell phone, because his pictures were SERIOUSLY way clearer than the ones april took with her $300 digital camera 

 *yes, i DO know that the title of this blog post is corny. but i don’t really care. ha.

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  1. Wait. You don’t know who Maroon 5 is either? I went to that concert on Saturday night in Milwaukee. For the record, Maroon 5 (and Sara) were the best parts. Counting Crows made me yawn.

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