i was thinking of remaking “broadcast news” about myself, but the ending changed my mind

so 80s movies like “broadcast news” sure are different than all the johnny depp movies I’ve been watching lately.

the movie — for those who haven’t it seen since it came out in 1987 — is about a super smart broadcast news producer, a super cute (by 1987 standards) news anchor and a super funny (even by today’s standards) news reporter.

I liked the movie because I’m a reporter and it’s about reporting.

Also, it’s about how the news business sucks  everyone is losing money informing the public.

which is pretty much the story of my life.

the problem is i got confused at family video and thought “broadcast news” was actually “network” (1976) — also about news.

and it was my understanding that “network” ended with a person freaking losing it on the air. so the whole time i was watching “broadcast news” i was psyching myself up for a big finish.

but instead “broadcast news” had a lame ending.

to be fair, i had pretty high expectations.

but still. the ending was d*mn lame. let’s just say it involved a flash forward and a soft lens.

the other part that was really annoying is that all the storylines had to be unnecessarily drawn out because nobody could communicate through cell phones or the internet.

and yes i KNOW those things weren’t really invented yet.

but whatever. it’s still annoying.

also the haircuts totally suck — so shoot me if i ever tell you i got any sort of hair cut involving the word “feathered.”

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