if it were obvious, everyone would win

back in the day (like two years ago) i entered a march madness bracket pool with my fellow co-workers. i made my team choices the way everyone does — based on places i either have been to or plan to visit.

i did awesome. (second place out of like 40 employees (true story)). some of the boys in that bracket pool still won’t talk to me. whatever. they have cooties anyways.

ahh! but THIS is a new year! and i entered another bracket. THIS time i made my choices* with a more educated approach. i picked teams based on which school names i liked the best. don’t WORRY , i wasn’t completely stupid about the whole thing — i picked a no. three seed to go all the way. go WISCONSIN!

im pretty confident i’ll be winning. i mean even though my online-bracket thingy told me only 1.8 percent of people chose wisconsin to go all the way, i have good feeling about the beagles. (kid-ding.) badgers. (right?). i think they have what it takes.

so, ya, when you see wisconsin win it all, now you know who to congratulate. 

*editor’s note: i tried to link to my choices above, but im not sure if it will work. so, um, good luck with that.

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