if only i was an anonymous blogger

so im living with best friend and she’s d*mn neurotic.

i’ve totally got mother nature’s monthly “gift” today and i have super bad cramps AND im going to a water park tomorrow.

i wish i was a size two. like all the time. i blame soda for my inability to achieve this. for BANANA’S SAKE PEOPLE! i ALREADY gave up every. other. good. food. on the planet.

i still have a crush on my ex.

in about 12 minutes im going to watch Hannah Montana’s 3d concert and im pretty excited about it.

i owe $40,000 to my student loan company and have no ability to pay it off. i also owe $247 to target, and have no ability to pay that off either.

sometimes i wear my bras two days in a row because i HATE doing laundry.


living with my best friend is so fun. it’s seriously like a slumber party every freaking night.  

im going to a water park tomorrow!!!

i’ve lost some weight since becoming a vegan. so that’s cool.

im totally ok with being single.

i have to watch this LAME Hannah Montana concert with my sister soon, but i’ll just have to suck it up.

im so glad i got my master’s degree. the student loans seriously don’t bother me.

i need to go shopping for some more clothes.  

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