wait. do you think i need rogaine?

ok. so seriously, my hair feels thin.

do you think it’s because I’m vegan? (I don’t eat jell-o.) or because im getting old. (im almost 25 you know.)

it could just be because im neurotic.

im trying to blow-dry less.

but, the problem with that technique is that i feel like blow-drying makes my hair look fuller (thicker) so really, im not sure what to do there.

also, i’ve decided to switch from elastic pony tail holders to clips (which my best friend assures me do less damage to my hair.)

this is kind of a big deal.

not like new-job big deal or even becoming-vegan big deal. but none-the-less, it’s life changing.

you see, i kinda wear my hair up every.single.day. (I HATE how it looks down.) but clips are SO DIFFERENT.

for example, i can’t even lean my head back in the car (during my gawd awful commute) while wearing a clip without the clonky thing hitting the head rest.

YES, i could just take it out while driving, but what if i get in a car accident and my hair looks bad because it’s down and then my soul mate comes, but i don’t have enough time to put it back up or i lose the clip, so he doesn’t give me his number because im not wearing my hair up?

just sayin.

also, the strands around my face fall different because the clip can’t hold the shorter layers. i almost think it gives my face a softer look, but the jury is still out on this one because the shorter layers also could just be adding 10 pounds to my face.

who knows.

anyway, does anyone got any hair thickening tips for me? (and NO, washing your hair in mayonnaise and beer doesn’t make your hair thicker. i just makes you smell like a single man’s fridge for about three days. thanks for nothing cosmo.)

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  1. My hair is full, shiny and beautiful in all of its vegan glory. I don’t put a lot of stuff in it, though just Dr. Bronner’s and 365 brand mint conditioner.

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